Ticket for going to slow..lol

well i was at the street races a few weeks ago and i was racing when i started to slow down and got to about 90 i got pulled over…after everything and about an hour later i got a ticket for going to SLOW lol he wrote down doing 40mph in a 55 lol but the speed limit was 50mph on that road lol can i fight that , it was a 250$ ticket for going to slow wtf


And unfortunately for this idiot, he walks straight into the very same cop, on the OrlandoForums forum – the reply (Post #4)?


Disclaimer – this is assuming you were the moron racing on John Young past Walmart (near the roadside crosses where those 3 girls were killed in a street racing crash). If not, then I had someone just as idiotic do the same thing.You just don’t understand a break when I give you one. Please take me to court so I can print this out and show the judge.


4 Responses

  1. srzly, what’re the odds he would reside in the same forum. *shudders* hehehahhaha

  2. note: i did NOT click the link

  3. You totally have to click the link.

  4. Could be a virus. OH DONT GO THERE.

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