World of Warcraft – Refer A Friend

Level 64 in 2 days, 10 hours.
Fast? Not compared to alot of the others using the Refer-A-Friend system. So, if you want an easy 70, it’s certainly worth grabbing one – I don’t have much time to play nowadays, but that’s really not that much time.

This /played takes into account AFKing, faffing about, and running RFC for linen.

Frost Mage and Ret Paladin made questing and grinding trivial.

“Ret Paladin is a pretty cool guy eh, keeps threat with consecration and doesn’t afraid of anything.”

3 Responses

  1. Haha, a genious marketting by Blizzard, as to be expected. Incredibly damaging to the game, but has probably increased their income phenomenally. The majority of WoW players I know have bought a second account to do this, which means plenty of $$ for Blizz.

  2. I’d love to know how buying a second account for this helps someone in any way (other than boxing), you have to be grouped with your ‘refer-a-friend’ recruit and within their vicinity to be able to pick up the triple XP for kills – both characters need to stay within 4 levels of each other too.

  3. It is indeed better with an already established account as the referring account, so you can get your friend to a higher level, faster, seeing as you have more characters in the eligible level range.

    You will probably have to at least accept/turn-in quests on the referred account (so both character) however, as it is not eligible to receive levels.

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