Toys! Razer Destructor Mousepad…

Razer Destructor Mousepad

It’s a fantastic mousepad, that’s for sure. And not much more. It doesn’t make me breakfast, and it doesn’t have the meaning of life written on the back.

Cost me $50, but the plain table surface I was using before was kinda getting on my nerves; my mouse (Logitech MX518) never really travelled well across it.

Grabbed a wireless card for my old to-be Linux box, though it’s not showing any display. Perhaps the Radeon 9500 Pro I subjected to so much abuse in it’s time has finally taken it’s toll, and its finally gone and died. That would probably explain why the TV-out was a no-go as well.

5 Responses

  1. 50 bucks! That’s like 2 movies with candy, or a long time at timezone, or 25 red eyes, or 41% of my mouse, or 14% of a good graphics card.

    Making a game feel better to play is worth it though. ‘specially when there’s so few innovative games these days…


  3. so let me get this straight, all in all.. it’s just a mousepad?
    Spend money wisely, mang!
    ooh btw, my plain table surface is reallllllly good. and so is my, uh..’Microsoft Wireless Optical mouse 2.0A’!!

  4. I checked the back, it’s got Kate Moss stuck onto it.

  5. Uh oh…

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