Super Robot Wars Z Short Review

Aquarion’s Moon Surface Punch.

Super Robot Wars Z’s theme is “Crest of Zs”, a strong JAM PROJECT tune once again, and kicks off the introduction into the last SRW for PS2. Rand and Mell are our Super Originals, Setsuko our Real Original.

Their respective stories fit well into their archetype. The Super Route features the very funny Rand, and the adorable Mell, who enjoy a fun, upbeat story that feels very at home as a “Super Robot” story. The Real Route features the shy girl Setsuko, who loses her close friends very early in the game, and it goes downhill from there, in a fashion that makes Gundam feel light-hearted in comparison. They’re both fantastic stories however, each with their share of glorious victories and crushing defeats, both on and off the field.

SRWZ boasts the best animation and soundtrack in the series to date. The battle animations were all done anew, and the amazing detail and crispness in the art, hyped for months, certainly didn’t disappoint. It’s things like watching Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger’s Double Burning Fire turning the enemy into a puddle of molten slag, to Ultimate Gravion’s full transformation sequence in his final attack, that show us once again, how much care is put into the game.

Theme songs, old and new have new life breathed into them; the Alpha 3 tracks sound rather dull in comparison (although I’d still say Crest of Zs doesn’t match up to GONG); the extra clarity and detail in the music and sound tracks in SRWZ are a real treat.

The series list only had a few of my favourites, the lack of Hi-Nu Gundam, Mazinkaiser, and Shin Getter I found a little disappointing, though the introduction of the Eureka 7, Sousei no Aquarion and Big O cast more than made up for it. I’m not much of a fan of Baldios and Godsigma, but I’m certain they were a great addition for many other players. The relatively short series list compared to Alpha 3 however, along with the stage and boss designs, while enjoyable in their own way, fell massively short in that “epic feel”, that I’ve come to expect in SRW, and which I feel reached its peak in OG/OGGs and Alpha 3.

Anyway – It’s certainly worth buying, though the reported 485k first-day sales show that my recommendation is virtually unnecessary, and I certainly wouldn’t mind a sequel to the Z series, regardless of which console it’s on.

Except Wii…

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