Gundam 00 S2, Clannad ~After Story~

Gundam 00 S2 airs today (and I can’t stop looping the OP on Youtube), and Clannad After Story came back just 2 days ago.

It’s nice to kick off a fresh October with some more quality programming, especially after Code Geass’ strong ending.

CLANNAD’s new OP brought me a smile, but Gundam 00’s new OP by Uverworld blew me away, just as Daybreak’s Bell and Ash Like Snow did just a few months ago, in the first season.

CLANNAD opens with a baseball match against a nearby team composed of several ex-Koushien players (WAFL-level players, but in baseball), and prepares to introduce Sunohara and Mai’s route from the game, as well as solidly reestablishing Nagisa and Tomoya’s relationship.

It’s a nice reintroduction, and I’m glad to see everyone is true to their character, strongly evident in the baseball match. Shame it didn’t have a strong comeback punch, but it’s certainly a nice return.

Gundam 00? Hasn’t aired yet, but I’m holding tight for that battle-damaged Exia.

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