HolyBeast Online: English Patch (For Japanese version)

HolyBeast Online (Wikipedia)

MMOSite HolyBeast Registration Guide

MMOSite HolyBeast Gameplay Guide

I’m working on the patch, character select stuff translated, will update weekly.

Here’s one for Character Creation, Server Select, and Character Screen (Only boxes translated atm)

HolyBeast English Patch ( 17th July 2008 )

Just unzip into HolyBeast\UI, that’s it.

Notes: The menu headers have broken transparency, I’m looking into fixing it with an updated .dds soon. The interface is about 60% translated at the moment – remember to backup your UI folder before overwriting it.

Looks like a interface patch only at this point in time, any help with finding where the “Quest/NPC/Item” text files are stored would be greatly appreciated. I suspect it’s in \pakdata as the set of .pak files, but it’s password protected. Shit.

2 Responses

  1. pimpin! laggy vid tho

  2. Are you still updating the translation and such? If there is any way I can help, let me know.

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