XNA-based Ultra-Simple RPG

And for the time being, very lazily coded as well!

I have to say, the XNA Framework makes it a breeze to throw up a small shitty game, and to try out new ideas. I’m a horrible artist, unfortunately; I’ll have to make new player sprites, and implement the upgrade system soon enough. Before anyone starts bagging my code:

A) Yes, my code is very sloppy at the moment (just playing around in XNA for now), and
B) Yes, I only feel like adhering to the OO paradigm when I feel like it. So now I have some sort of procedural/OO dog’s breakfast hybrid.

XNA C# Game Source

ArenaX Game (Requires XNA 2.0 Runtime below)

XNA 2.0 Runtime (Required to run games based on the XNA 2.0 Framework)

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