KEY Games Update: Little Busters EX & Rewrite

Rewrite is currently at 5% progress.

Little Busters EX will be available at HimeyaShop 25th July.

Me personally? I’m very much looking forward to Rewrite :)

– All they can reveal at this point about the new minigame is that it’s related to how Saya is a spy that’s after the school’s secret treasure and there’s something underground under the school.
– Saya is a spy and moves alone a lot and basically only interacts with the main character. Tennen boke tsundere.
– Text is 1.4 times as much as the original and voice data has increased by a lot, hence the need for 2 DVDs.
– 10 new tracks for the music.
– Some characters have new scenarios, especially Kudo and Haruka.
– All the new heroines have their own endings.
– Kanata’s scenario will come after the end of Haruka’s scenario so her attitude will be very different.
– Little Busters EX has been worked on since September last year.
– Schedule has been really tight, especially Na-Ga who had to work on both the new character and a sub character that became a main character.
– No plans for a console port of the game, because the mini game will be hard to do on the PS2.
– The guy that was originally supposed to write the scenario is really packed right now so Maeda started writing again.
– They’ve got a lot of outside help this time, especially with the mini games.
– The baseball part has also changed, they talk more now and more characters are added
– There will be ways for people that have already played the original to only play the newly added parts immediately.
– They’ve put in effort on the H scenes, up to three H scenes for some characters.
– H scenes are not written by Maeda but by Shirokiri, Maeda tried his hand with H scenes before in Tomoyo After but it didn’t work out at all.
– Kinniku sensation ending will be powered up
– Tonogawa is already working on Rewrite (current progress 5%)
– Still undecided if Rewrite will be 18+ or all ages, they’ll follow whatever the chairman decides
– Orito Shinji is looking for a disciple
– They haven’t decided what they’ll do for Key’s 10 year anniversary

3 Responses

  1. When is the 10th anniversary of Visual Arts Key? o.o


  2. I agreed with you

  3. Not sure to be honest, I think the group that did ONE reformed as KEY, with most of its main members intact. Guess it’s been 10 years already since then :O.

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