Bring Pop-Tarts back to Australia damnit!

Forget about all that important stuff like whale slaughtering and wars; think about all those Australian children waking up every morning and not being able to eat pop tarts for breakfast!

Pop-Tart Australia Petition

Yes, I am quite aware the petition is futile. I just want some Pop-Tarts. I would kill for some Pop-Tarts right now.

I would not pay $6.95 for them however.

Pop-Tarts Store… in Australia!

Bon Appetit and Good Night.

But here, have a curved yellow fruit.

6 Responses

  1. you wouldn’t pay 6.95?? a craft consumer like me would’ve already ordered 8!

  2. crafty***!!!

  3. or like Zoidberg!

  4. no more like john

  5. dam fk

  6. I miss pop tarts. :(

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