Schapelle is innocent, right? Right?

PAUL MURRAY: Does anyone still think Schapelle is innocent?

There is no doubt Shapelle is innocent. The accussed is innocent until proven guilty. Shapelle Corby’s trial was a farce and by no stretch of the imagination has she been proven guilty. No finger printing of the bag, no DNA testing for origin. The Indonesian legal system is an absolute joke and she is paying the price for this. The Australian Government is even more of a joke and is letting her languish. I only wish it was a Labour politician in this situation – I’m sure the response would be different.

I feel for you Shapelle, but get yourself a decent Indonesian legal team. The Indonesians don’t care what any australian thinks so why even bother using australian lawyers

There’s still people thinking like this? Whatever.

4 Responses

  1. I believe schapelle is innocent, I feel so sorry for her, I do know none of us aussies will ever go to Bali for a holiday, if thats the way indonesians treat us aussies.

  2. I’d care more if she didn’t play the media.

  3. But there is a possibility she may be guilty.

    The Australian media seems to have provided a very one-sided view of the situation.

  4. Who cares. She’s not the first and last Australian to end up in an Indonesian jail, or to be hanged for drug offences. What made me lol more was that despite the intense media coverage of her trial, several Australians were busted smuggling harder drugs into Indonesia in her wake. She knew the consequences. The drugs were found in her bag which a number of witnesses said she tried to stop the customs guys from opening.

    Case closed.

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