Meet the Sniper, Pyro Achievements, And あたしの手 – Mamiko Noto!

Meet TF2’s Sniper

Gotta say though, the videos shouldn’t be coming out now, long after TF2 was released. Better late than never though, of course ;)

Hmm. Upgrades.

Pyro Update coming soon – which means of course, new Pyro Achivements, and new Pyro guns. See if you can spot the new Pyro weapons in the Meet The Sniper! video. And then tell me, because I couldn’t find them.

Here’s the news – Shacknews

Of course, expect many people to have all the weapons and achievements within a few hours of the update being released. Some legit, and some prancing around burning things in achievementbox_b3.

And last, and very irrelevantly, the delightful Witchblade ED1, Atashi No Te (My Hand).

2 Responses

  1. Hmm. Upgrades.

    Can’t wait! :D

  2. lol..

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