nVidia Geforce GTX 260/280 Released+Benchmarks

The nVidia Geforce GTX 260/280 series graphics cards were officially launched today.

And with this launch, AMD gain a very real chance to fight back with their upcoming HD4780.

Tom’s Hardware’s GTX 260/280 Review

Anandtech’s GTX 260/280 Review

Guru3D’s GTX 280 Review 


So what’s the say?

The GTX 280 is about on-par with the 9800GX2 in performance, or perhaps 2-3% under. Which means that The Inquirer’s benchmarks were garbage, and I apologise for the misinformation on their behalf.

It’s retailing for US$649, which is rather steep considering the GX2 is around US$150 cheaper and offers virtually the same performance, albeit with improved CUDA.

The GTX 260 on the other hand is almost half the price of it’s bigger brother, and is only about 18% slower, which basically knocks the 9800 GTX out of contention at that price point (the GTX 260 is about 10-15% faster than the 9800 GTX). It’s currently about $50 more, but we might see the price difference between the two cards drop soon, depending on how nVidia decides to run things.

2 Responses

  1. Disappointing !

  2. There is a newer version of the GTX 260 which has 216 stream processor’s compared to 192 which makes it within 5% of the GTX 280 for allot cheaper.

    The GTX 260 SP216 is on average 7-13% faster

    Benchmark Here.

    Benchmark where GTX 260 SP216 is within 1 FPS or quicker than GTX 280. Here.

    Here is one reference I found of specs: Here.

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