Complete GTX280 benchmark scores… From The Inquirer.

3DMark Vantage (Performance) – 10338

3DMark06 (default) – 15846

Crysis DX10 @ 1600×1200 – 44.00fps avg.

Let’s see what else nVidia’s new GTX280 card has –

GTX280 Benchmark Scores

nVidia GTX 280


I’ve never entirely trusted “The Inquirer”, but these scores seem pretty plausible. If these scores are accurate, the GTX280 improves upon the Geforce 9800 GTX’s overall performance by about 18% 35%?

This makes Crysis quite playable at @ 1600×1200, Very High; shame gameplay doesn’t scale with graphics performance.

Amazon has a GTX280 card listed for US$650, or about A$700. Ouch.

The nVidia GTX280 is due for release tomorrow on June 17th – no, I certainly won’t be trading in my 8800GT for one.

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  1. There is a newer version od the GTX 260 whihc has 216 stream processor compared to 192 which makes it within 5% of the GTX 280 for allot cheaper.

    The GTX 260 SP216 is on average 7-13% faster

    Benchmark Here.

    Here is one reference I found of specs: Here.

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