The Making Of… Tetris… Blocks.

Starcraft Gameplay Video #2

Part 1

Part 2

She bangs, she bangs…

Street Fighter IV – May 1 2009 release.



The Battle For The Iron

Next to some iron, Iron ironed his iron. He had been busy with the iron for hours and now wanted nothing more than an iron cuddle or an iron massage from his lover Steel.

He said this last thought out loud, and all of a sudden his iron Steel appeared at the door, grinning ironly.

“Put down the iron,” Steel said ironly. “Unless you want me to iron that iron on your irons.”

Iron put down the iron. He was iron. He had never seen Steel so iron before and it made him iron.

Steel picked up the iron, then withdrew an iron from his irons. “Don’t be so iron,” Steel said with an iron grimace. “An iron bit my irons this morning, and everything became iron. Now with this iron and this iron I can ironly rule the world!”

Iron clutched his iron irons ironly. This was his lover, his iron Steel, now staring at him with an iron irons.

“Fight it!” Iron shouted. “The iron just wants the iron for his own iron devices! He doesn’t love you, not the iron way I do!”

Iron could see Steel trembling ironly. Iron reached out his irons and touched Steel’s irons ironly. He was iron, so iron, but he knew only his iron love for Steel would break the iron’s spell.

Sure enough, Steel dropped the iron with a thunk. “Oh, Iron,” he squealed. “I’m so iron, can you ever forgive me?”

But Iron had already moved next to some iron. Like some metallic iron, he pressed his irons into Steel’s irons. And as they fell together in an iron fit of love, the iron lay on the floor, iron and forgotten.

I hated flying. But then there was Cozy Suite…


Nobody messes with Cozy Suite…